Welcome to the Shenmue Translation Pack website !

Welcome stranger to the fantastic modding temple of the Shenmue series.

This website is here to spread around the world the technics and tools to modify all the Shenmue games series.

The first goal of our project is to translate every Shenmue episode in another language. This includes the following:

  • What's Shenmue NTSC-J Dreamcast
  • Shenmue Worldwide and US Shenmue NTSC-J Dreamcast
  • Shenmue II Worldwide Dreamcast Xbox

Enjoy this cool project!



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Translation Projects

The section below contains all links to translation projects, grouped by status. Remember, you can't directly download any translated production here, only the tools pack allowing you to start a translation project.


This section contains completed and released translation projects ! Hallelujah!

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This section contains active projects. Maybe you can help them to complete the translation, hehe ?

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