Welcome to the Shenmue Translation Pack website !

Welcome stranger to the fantastic modding temple of the Shenmue series.

This website is here to spread around the world the technics and tools to modify all the Shenmue games series.

The first goal of our project is to translate every Shenmue episode in another language. This includes the following:

  • What's Shenmue NTSC-J Dreamcast
  • Shenmue Worldwide and US Shenmue NTSC-J Dreamcast
  • Shenmue II Worldwide Dreamcast Xbox

Enjoy this cool project!


Technical stuffs

This page contains various game files format specifications. If you are curious, you can view how the tools are working on the game files!


Extension Type Name Description
AFS HTML AFS archive AFS archive is a files container. Used in AFS Utils.
PKS XLSX Free Quest NPC character This is the file format of PKS files (PAKS) inside the HUMANS.AFS archive.
Each PAKS file contains a NPC character data (polygon model...) and his subtitles.
The tool using this file format is Free Quest Subtitles Editor.
SPR HTML Sprite SPR stand for sprite. A sprite file can be used in various location in the game.
Used in SPR Utils.

Shenmue I

Extension Type Name Description
SRF and IDX HTML Cinematics (SRF) and Indexes (IDX) files Everything to understand the Cinematics (SRF) and AFS Indexes files (IDX) files structure for the Shenmue I game.
Used in IDX Creator (IDX) and Cinematics Subtitles Editor (SRF).

Shenmue II

Extension Type Name Description
IDX HTML Indexes files Indexes files for Cinematics AFS file packages. Used in IDX Creator.
PKS ZIP PAKS extraction Humans Dissecter extraction for PAKS files of the Shenmue II (PAL) (Dreamcast) game. Every disc included in one single archive.
SRF HTML Cinematics Cinematics file (SRF) format for Shenmue II. Used in Cinematics Subtitles Editor.
/SCENE/XX/CODE/ HTML Cutscenes Description Cutscenes code description, extracted from the game.